This Time by jDiggz feat. NeverEnding White Lights

by jDiggz feat. NeverEnding White Lights

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Intro (sample)
“This time I want it all / this time I want it all / I’m showing you all the cards / Giving
you all my heart” x2

Verse 1
“I’m back motha f*cka can you hear me? / Check 1,2,1,2 I hope you hear me clearly
/ I’m here to claim my spot on the throne… Clearly / you n***** ain’t ready / cuttin’
through the grass of these snakes with my machete / they done thrown dirt on my
name / I’m blessed n****, I’ll throw holy water at you lames / I’m 10 years deep, and
I ain’t even played the game / done f**kin’ with these n***** / Can’t believe a word
I don’t trust one of these n***** / put my heart into this shit, this time I want it all /
done reaching out n****, this time I ain’t gone call / a ride or die n****, loyalty, honor,
respect / and n***** wasn’t returning that shit, so I had to jet / no looking back at
nothing / came from nada to something / feels good to put my momma in some Prada,
look she stuntin’ / first album dropped n***** owned on a kid / now I look around,
bunch of clones of the kid / hated on a n****, never jaded but I figure / that if I’m gonna
go in, I mine as well own it / its my time to shine, I’m on my shizzit and I kno it / this
time I’ma get it right, I ain’t gone blow it / my destiny’s foregoing… I know it”

Chorus (Daniel Victor)
“This time I want it all / this time I want it all / I’m showing you all the cards / giving you
all my heart” x2

Verse 2
“Check it… It ain’t been easy far as life’s concerned / walked through the flames of hell,
walked out unburned / shedded tears, lost some cousins, still my soul it yearns / live my
life care giving, now its my f**king turn / living check to check, momma broke, nothin’
left / so I had no choice, out of school I leaped / to the streets I ran, but the man had other
plans / short lived, instead my life became, life began / picked up a pen and pad / ASR
from my dad / all me & my brother had / but we made it work and last / now we sit back
and laugh / hard times they never pass / and demons seem to never wanna leave, party
crashers / but I am there now / by his grace, I fear now / and never will I let these n*****
tear down what I built up from the bare ground / f*ck it dog I’m here now, and I ain’t
going nowhere / go head and shed a tear now… I want it all”

Chorus x 4
Bridge (Daniel Victor)
“Sing along, soon you’ll see / everything I’m gonna be” x3

Outro (Daniel Victor)
“All that I want is / It’s all that I want” x4


released January 25, 2011
Jonathan Poirier / Daniel Victor
L.E.G. Music Group Inc.



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